Act from home: Save our forests

While we are staying at home protecting our health and the health of others, there are two important actions we can take for a healthier climate.

First, comment to Duke Energy to prevent a 14% rate hike and demand clean energy. Send your comments by May 4.

Secondly, in our region, one of the most effective ways we can help achieve drawdown is by protecting our magnificent southern Appalachian forests. Forests are the lungs of our planet, and ours are pretty special. During this strange time, while access to our precious forests is limited by precautions for the pandemic, it’s easy to imagine what our lives might be like without these wonderful forests. Let’s do what we can, while we can, to protect them.

Until May 14, we have a limited time to comment on the US Forest Service’s new forest plan for Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests. The forest plans are generally revised about once every thirty years. This is the only time for public comment on the new plan, so this really is a rare opportunity. Make your voice heard! Let’s send them thousands of letters.

To comment:
Go to the Sierra Club WENOCA Forest Plan page, scroll to “Tell the USFS Now,” personalize the language of the letter, and send.

Write now! Tell all your friends, spread on social media, email your contacts, and let’s be the voice of the trees.

Bowlens Creek, Black Mountain Crest Trail, Pisgah National Forest

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