Our work

Join us and be a climate solutionary! The goals of Drawdown WNC are to:

  • Identify Drawdown solutions already underway, and identify gaps/opportunities
  • Connect with businesses, nonprofits, investors, and individuals working on Drawdown climate solutions in our region
  • Support organizations and individuals engaged in Drawdown work, by working to amplify and accelerate their efforts
  • Develop a Drawdown Road Map for our region that we will present to lawmakers, industry, and others in power
  • Network with Drawdown groups in other regions to amplify and scale up our work
  • Work with media, the arts, and education to change the narrative from one of dread and defeat… to one of optimism, courage, and possibility

Below are links to Drawdown solutions already underway in the Southern Appalachian region, including Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and North Georgia.

No matter what your skills and interests are, there is a place for you here! How would you like to get involved? Is your group working on climate solutions? Thank you! How can we help you amplify and accelerate your efforts? Do you know of Drawdown-related links that you’d like to see on these pages? Please get in touch.

Drawdown sectors



Land Use

Women & Girls

Buildings & Cities



Other actions

Other effective actions are “accelerators” that will make Drawdown solutions spread more widely and scale up more quickly. They include things like:

  • Communicating about climate change and about Drawdown solutions
  • Voting and helping others vote
  • Divesting from fossil fuel companies
  • Thinking twice about consumerism
  • Carbon offsets and other kinds of investing
  • Educating about climate change
  • The arts and climate change

Humanity already knows what to do. We have real, workable technologies and practices that can achieve drawdown. And it’s already happening. What we need is to accelerate implementation and to change the discourse from one of fear and confusion, which only leads to apathy, to one of understanding and possibility, and therefore, opportunity.

– Project Drawdown VP Chad Frischmann

Let’s work together.

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