Buildings & Cities

Collective Actions

In Asheville, work with Asheville on Bikes to advocate for bicycle infrastructure. The Asheville Bike and Pedestrian Task Force advocates for a safer city for both cyclists and walkers. Through a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the City of Asheville was the first NC city to replace streetlights with LEDs on a large scale. Read the case study from NC-based Cree Lighting. Support the Jackson County Energy Park, which uses landfill methane to power craft studios and community activities. Our region’s many college campuses may want to consider district heating as a way of saving both money and energy.

LED bulbs come in all different kinds and sizes. Photo: Geoffrey Landis

Community and Workplace

Is your workplace or community constructing a new building? Greenbuilt can help you design it as a net-zero building. Consider Smart Glass, or “Switch Glass” for cost savings, privacy, flexibility, and energy savings.

Individual Actions

Learn about green building practices from WNC Greenbuilt Alliance and visit on their Facebook page. Greenbuilt provides a guide for insulating your home, office, or other building so that you can minimize power use from HVAC. You can also help by installing a smart thermostat in your home, and replacing your light bulbs with LEDs. The green building industry in WNC is quite robust, and there may also be a growing interest in green retrofitting from companies like Nicholson & Sun.

** Do you have a green building company or project you’d like to see on this page? Contact us with your info and we’ll do what we can to include it!

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