Collective Actions

Demand that our power companies (Duke Energy, Duke Energy Progress, French Broad EMC, Blue Ridge Electric, other energy cooperatives) invest in clean, renewable energy now. Duke Energy wants to raise rates in North Carolina and spend the money on fossil fuel projects. Speak out! Rate hearings are happening across North Carolina in the first half of 2020. Read about it in this Appalachian Voices article. Showing up at one of these rate hike hearings and speaking your mind is one of the best things you can do. This EnergyJusticeNC page has dates for the hearings.

Stand before the people you fear and speak your mind – even if your voice shakes.

– Maggie Kuhn

Sierra Club WENOCA advocates for renewable energy in our state and region, and informs us about candidates that work for a livable climate future. The Sunrise Movement Asheville is part of a nation activist youth movement to stop climate change and create jobs. They also provide candidate forums so that we can vote for public servants who will ensure a safe and livable climate future. Appalachian Voices, with headquarters in Boone, advocates for clean energy in North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. In South Carolina, work with Upstate Forever to encourage clean energy and shut down outdated energy infrastructure. Support the Southern Environmental Law Center as they work for the entire southeast region on the national, regional, state, and local levels.

We want our energy companies to invest in large-scale solar fields such as this one. Photo: Mr. Matte

Community and Workplace

Energy Savers Network in Asheville supports volunteer-based solutions to the energy efficiency problems that disproportionately impact low-income and minority communities. Encourage your workplace, community center, and local school to consider adding solar PV or wind turbines to their facilities upgrades and campus plans.

Individual Actions

Ready to install solar panels on your home? Some local solar panel installers include Sundance Power Systems in Asheville, Atomic Solar in Celo, Eagle Solar and Light in Highlands, and Collaborative Solar in Boone. Here are some ways to save energy at home. But don’t forget — collective action is where we have the most impact. We have to urge energy providers to get off fossil fuels. Here’s one way: On your power bill each month, you can sign up to donate to NC Green Power, to invest in renewable energy. Find out how to enroll for this program with Duke Energy Progress and French Broad Electric.

Drying your clothes on the line saves energy and makes them smell great. Good government smells even better!

Let’s work together.

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