Collective Actions

Use your voice, and your vote, to keep policy pressure on corporate greed. Without regulation, corporations are focused solely on making profits at the expense of clean water, clean air, and clean soil. Sometimes it’s hard to feel that the government speaks for us. But don’t forget what things were like before the EPA. Did you know, before the Clean Water Act, a river in Ohio actually caught fire? Your vote counts! Contact the EPA to find out how you can strengthen the EPA rules for refrigerant management, which have been weakened in recent years. Get together with friends and approach regional cement providers to ask about alternative cements. These new (old) materials are becoming more widely used in Europe and some parts of the US. Let’s bring them here!

Community and Workplace

Learn about the EPA Guidelines for Refrigerant Management (Drawdown solution #1), and gather with others in your community to inform supermarkets and facility managers in your area. Help your workplace establish guidelines for recycling, especially for office paper which many workplaces generate in abundance. Need help with making changes in your workplace? Find out how to start a Green Team.

Individual Actions

When purchasing a new air conditioner or refrigerator, or disposing of an old one, consult with the EPA Guidelines for Refrigerant Management to make sure you aren’t adding to leaks of HFCs. Buying household products made of post-consumer recycled paper saves forests. Recycling (and composting) your household waste means that fewer materials need to be mined or manufactured, and it keeps methane out of landfills. Starting a building project? Explore alternatives to concrete such as hempcrete and ashcrete.

Let’s work together.

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