Collective Actions

In Asheville, support city council candidates who will push for better ART bus service. More routes and longer hours that help commuters will increase use. Support local taxes that improve transit services. Nationally, support candidates who will upgrade our country’s outdated rail service and work for high-speed rail.

Community and workplace

Does your workplace or community have a rideshare or carpooling plan? Explore a RideAmigos or Luum to see what Transportation Demand Management (TDM) software works best for your group. Ask your workplace to install a solar EV charging station, such as those installed by Brightfield Transportation Solutions. Ask your employer if telecommuting and telepresence is something they would consider. Research shows that worker productivity actually increases with telecommuting!

Individual actions

Electric vehicles are normal now. You can find maps of EV charging stations here and here. ChargeHub has information about charging your EV in Asheville. Here is more info about the expanding EV infrastructure in the Asheville area. Make the most of your trips by combining errands and ask if neighbors need a ride. Fly less if you can, or if you fly, consider carbon offsets. Want to bike but our steep hills are too daunting? Try out an electric bike.

Let’s work together.

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