Women & Girls

Why this matters

Taken together, educating girls and family planning is the number one solution to reversing global warming.

Project Drawdown VP Chad Frischmann

Actions we can take right here where we live

Help girls learn to be healthy, happy, and strong by supporting organizations like Asheville’s Girls on the Run. Get involved with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture to help local women succeed with agricultural ventures. Help organizations like SafePlace in Spruce Pine eliminate domestic violence and sexual abuse against women and girls. Support Steadfast House, transitional housing that gives hope, healing, health, and home to single women, mothers with children, and female veterans in need.

Dig In! Yancey Community Garden volunteers learn garden practices

Actions we can take around the globe

Make a micro-loan to a woman starting a small business through Kiva. Make a donation to Heifer International for women’s empowerment, give a goat or some chickens to a smallholder, or explore other ways to get involved. Learn about family planning throughout the world and help educate others about its importance. Support sexual and reproductive rights through the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Let’s work together.

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